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Monday, August 10, 2015

Band Changes

This journey of life is all about growing and evolving, never becoming too comfortable or complacent, lest we stagnate. So... here we grow again!

For the last year, Luke Parsnow has shared his amazing talent on guitar (and mandolin!) with Delaney fans, helping us transition through the difficult months following the loss of Brother Ray.

Sadly, Luke's time with the band has come to an end. Shortly after his college graduation this May, Luke did what so many graduates are struggling to accomplish these days - he became gainfully employed! We are all so happy for him that he was able to transition into his chosen field so quickly, even though we are sad to see him have to leave the band due to scheduling conflicts. (His new job requires him to work all weekends.) We wish him the best as his personal journey takes him in a different direction.

Delaney Brothers will keep on picking and entertaining their fans, have no doubt. While no permanent replacement has been selected, Scott Corbett has always been such a blessing to help out on guitar (he played with the band during Ray's illness), and he's stepping up again this weekend for a wedding we had scheduled. 

So even though the path ahead may not be totally clear yet, one thing is for sure - that Delaney sound you all know and love will live on!

Stay tuned for further developments!

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